• SANTA FE new 2016

    SANTA FE new 2016

    RETRO/VINTAGE ‘Industrial’. 20 Years ago a few Trendwatchers talked about a New World in this century with vegetable gardens on high roof tops, city-men with beards, industrial settings, ‘back-to-basic-attitude’ AND the unexpected ‘pallet-wood-look’ + ‘imperfection’ as the new/cool/hip&trendy. Nobody believed them then…….. Our job is to follow up on these trends […]

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  • SANTA FE previous models

    SANTA FE previous models

    RETRO/VINTAGE style with bright colours. Design by David Geradts for JOGJA.MEBEL RETRO/VINTAGE collection with Broken White and Natural colours mixed. Designed by David Geradts for JOGJA.MEBEL

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  • other work

    other work

    David Geradts has been working since 2001 full time in Indonesia in the Furniture Business. During those years he worked with different styles, designs, materials and techniques. Some of his previous work is implemented in our JOGJA.MEBEL style. Here some ideas, models and designs from those years.

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